So, you have just left the allergist/doctor’s office after being given the news that you (or a family member) are allergic or intolerant to one or more food groups. You are no doubt in a state of shock and panic with questions buzzing around your head such as:

“What can I eat when I get home?”

“Are the foods in my pantry and refrigerator safe?”

 “How do I know what is in foods?”

 “What can I cook?”

 “How am I going to manage with school/work?”

 “How can I keep myself/loved one safe?”

 “Will I ever be able to leave the house again?”

“I/they could die from eating that food/s.”

Rest assured that this is completely normal.  Every person who has been diagnosed with allergies or intolerances has had these questions (and more).   Immediately after diagnosis you will most likely feel completed overwhelmed with no idea where to begin.  You are not alone.  As someone who has experienced this first hand as well as having help my sister come to terms and prepare her kitchen for her children’s allergies, I have been through the panic of not knowing what is safe to eat.  Having made it to the other side, I am here to tell you it does get better.    

In upcoming posts, I will tackling some daunting tasks for the newly diagnosed, including the pantry clean out, the first shop and starting crèche/kinder/school. As a food intolerance sufferer, aunty to children with food allergies, food scientist, mum and allergy-friendly recipe developer, I will share with you my knowledge and experiences and help you improve your knowledge and confidence so you can take more control of life and the food being eaten.  

I will share with you handy hints for the first shop after being diagnosed with allergies/intolerances, my Top 5 label reading tips and my starting crèche/kinder/school checklist – a perfect item to take with you during the orientation period that are occuring this term so you can get everything in place before they begin in 2016.   The first day of creche/kinder/school is exciting and should be enjoyed (and copiously photographed!).  The more you can arrange now regarding their allergies/intolerances the better.    It will make you feel more relaxed, leaving you to focus on the tears of pride welling in your eyes on thier first day!  

My next blog is “The great pantry clean out!”

If you have any topics you would like me to post about, I’d love to hear from you via email:

 Loni xx