With Christmas just around the corner (8 sleeps for those of us counting), this is an apt time for those of us with food intolerance to remember the pain our last “just a little bit won’t hurt” episode inflicted, and vow not to do it to ourselves this Christmas.   For allergy sufferers, extra vigilance at this time of the year is critical, with meals at other people’s houses and lollies and chocolates common place gifts, you can never be too careful.  My Christmas wish for you all is for a happy, healthy and joyous time with your families, full of great allergy-friendly food.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Loni xx









When you suffer from allergies, just a little bit is not an option, as just a little bit is life threatening.  However, when you sufferer from intolerances, just a little bit causes some uncomfortableness that passes.  Those of you with intolerances will be able to identify the times when you are lulled into thinking a little bit won’t hurt…..for me it was my husband’s 40th birthday.  Whilst the menu was expertly caters to accommodate all the diets of the guest including myself, it was the OMG Cake that everyone kept raving about the got me.  There was an intolerance suitable cake, but the layers of sponge, crème patisserie and filo pastry in this OMG Cake had everyone talking and I couldn’t resist just a little taste (and then a few more little tastes!).  This cake was exceptionally and definitely delicious. 

As I sat wanting to scratch the skin of my shins and the backs of my knees, whilst my tummy grumbled and performed Olympic grade somersaults, I was very much reminded of why I cannot eat just a little bit.  The after effects outweigh the enjoyment at the time (although as I mentioned this cake was exceptional so the gap was shortened!).  The memory of this cake will last for a set period and when it wears off and I have conveniently forgotten the impact, I will no doubt be sucked in again.  For me the memory of the bad after effects last a little longer each time I indulge in things I shouldn’t…will I ever learn?

Why do we do it to ourselves?  A short period of enjoyment for longer lasting uncomfortable side effects….I guess it is the part of us that wants to be normal and like everyone else, that wants to eat those foods that look and taste amazing, the part of us that wishes just a little bit won’t hurt.


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