Today, I caught with my besties for coffee (love you ladies!). These coffees are a lot of laughs, but also a great chance for us as mum’s to share the stresses of the many hats we wear. My friend mentioned today that she felt she was doing a mediocre job of everything at the moment and I can relate.
We all wear many hats – mum, cleaner, laundry worker (this feels like a full-time never ending job!), shopper, cook, menu planner, taxi service, homework co-ordinator, chief of after-school activities, committee member….just to name a few. Then there is the small things like remembering family and friends birthdays, buying gifts, sending cards….the list goes on. On top of that I, like many, run my own business.
My friend who is feeling she is doing a mediocre job of everything, has recently started her own business and is trying to add that on top of her daily jobs and keep it all in balance. I know that she will find her balance and realise that she is fabulous at many things and has been all along!
We must all realise that achieving all of the things we do is way beyond medicority and ventures into fabulousness.  An all-round gymnast may not be the world champion in any one event, instead they perform at a high level in many events. We mums like all-round gymnasts perform at a high level across many roles – if only there were Olympic medals for the many hats us mum’s wear. The medal factory wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand!
Take a moment to appreciate how fabulous you are today and every day! You are doing a fabulous job.
Loni xx